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“I love life and love singing songs about life. Singing is a direct response to what life has taught me. At the age of three, I can remember singing at revivals with my dad who was a pastor. Of course, I had to stand on a chair to be seen over the pulpit! My life, my music and my work are all gifts from God, and I believe God calls each of us to reach beyond our human existence and to live a life modeled after Christ. Music is my means of communicating that calling — reaching beyond words to bring healing, encouragement and joy.”

Celia Whitler is a singer, songwriter, author, speaker, friend, wife and mom. She enjoys a good laugh, a well told story, connecting with people through her music and through travels. “When it comes down to it, there is something really sacred about telling our story and about hearing each others stories. I just happen to do that through song.”

Celia holds degrees in Christian Education and Elementary Education from Centenary College of Louisiana. After college, she taught school for five years in the Louisiana and Texas public schools.

Following an observation made over dinner by a friend about music, Celia felt a nudge to explore singing as a vocation. She began writing songs, recording music and singing concerts.

In November of 1989, Celia began singing occasional concerts on weekends and eventually the school classroom complicated concert related travel. In the spring of 1991 Celia elected to leave teaching as a profession and follow the less traveled road, devoting her full attention to the vocation of singing. “Singing has been an answer to a calling. I want people to know that our life and our faith is an exciting and dynamic adventure – to share Christ’s message of unconditional love and to encourage others in their journeys. I encourage you to find your voice, your calling.”

Celia began making recordings in 1990 and to date has released eight artist projects.

Her first attempts at songwriting were in 1990, when she was working on her first recording. Celia has continued to write and to cowrite along the way. She enjoys a regular schedule of co-writing songs with friends in Nashville and has cowritten a choral anthem with Ken Medema. Celia can be heard at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville’s best known venue for songwriters.

After making several visits to Nashville each year, in October of 1993 Celia and her husband Ron made the Nashville area their home. In the summer of 1998 Ron left his full time job in youth ministry in the local church to join the music team. Celia and Ron have two sons, Max and Zach, born in 2000 and 2001. Any time not spent on the road or writing is family time or mom time complete with visits to her sons’ school to volunteer or eat lunch in the cafeteria.

In April 2006 Abingdon Press released Celia’s first book. It contained real life stories from Celia’s work and travels and was written for graduating seniors. Celia has written two other books for Abingdon Press. Each of the three books contains a music CD inspired by the stories.

Celia has sung for more than 1,100 concerts and events in 45 states, the DC area, Europe and a number of national church events. Those events combined with songwriter concerts in secular venues have put Celia in touch with people and their needs. “I believe that we all hunger for someone to share themselves with us — so that we know we are not alone.”

There is much more to learn about Celia and her work. It can be found on her website at – including her blog, calendar, a free monthly email newsletter and links to social networks.


  • One Wish For You (62 page hardcover gift book for women with 5 song music CD) Abingdon Press March, 2009 – ISBN: 978-1426700200
  • New Beginnings (62 page hardcover gift book for graduates with 3 song music CD) Abingdon Press March, 2009 – ISBN: 978-1426700279
  • On the Way to Somewhere (112 page softcover book with sixty stories with questions for reflection and a six song music CD) Abingdon Press 2006 – ISBN: 978-0687493678


  • Live Christ Collection (download only), 2009
  • Angels Watching Over Me: Lullabies and Sweet Songs, 2009
  • In Plain View, 2004
  • Thomas Kinkade: Sounds Of Spring, 2003
  • Then: A Collection of Hymns, 2002
  • Let’s Practice Faith, Augsburg Fortress (five songs), 2002
  • So Far, 2001
  • Faces of Our Friends, 1999
  • This Quiet Place, Thomas Kinkade (one song), 1999
  • Walk Chalantly, 1998
  • Youth Praise Three, Abingdon Press (two songs and trax),1995
  • Steadfast Heart, 1992
  • Make Me Worthy, 1990

Recordings are released by Celia Whitler unless a publisher or label is listed.

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Send out a card, letter, email, fax EARLY to other people who represent groups (ie youthworkers). This lets them get the date on their event calendar. How many times have you heard about an event / concert you would’ve liked to take a group to, but you didn’t have enough lead time? Include details like date, time, cost to attend, venue (location / room). Find out if they think they’ll come. Consider asking for some conservative estimate (early) about how many folks they would bring.

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Follow up with these folks about a two months before the event and remind them about the event. Ask them if they need any publicity info.

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