Why should I include Celia in my event?

A better question might be, “how will my community and my event be different if I include Celia?” Here are some common themes repeated by people who have engaged Celia in leadership roles:

Participants are…

  • Inspired – whether it is a single song in a worship service, or multi-day services of renewal or an hour long concert including stories and songs sprinkled with moments of interaction, Celia creates moments where listeners encounter God. They feel lifted and transported by her music and words. Inspired communities are growing communities. When was the last time you invited a friend to an event where you didn’t expect to be inspired?
  • Connected – we regularly hear that leadership’s expectations for interaction and participation have been exceeded. Through Celia’s humorous and poignant re-telling of story through word and song, listeners feel comfortable and invited into dialogue. In typical church gatherings we spend the vast majority of our time together listening to a small group of leaders, lecturers or teachers. We often miss the depth and the breadth of life story and witness sitting all around us. In extended formats, from a two hour mini retreat to multi day events, Celia has a way of inviting dialogue and creating that kind of connection.
  • Sustained – there is a refreshment that comes from connection that continues beyond an event. We often hear from group leaders about a thread from Celia’s leadership that continues years beyond an event. Lives and the community are changed.

Some other benefits of working with Celia:

  • Involving a resource person allows you to shift your focus from content to welcoming, hospitality, and service.
  • Combining the roles of speaker and singer in one person, you get twice the impact from one resource. Celia leads songs of interaction, of praise and worship, hymns and sings original songs that tell stories. With three published books, eight recorded albums, curriculum pieces, a multitude of original songs and a degree in Christian Education, Celia has practiced telling stories through a variety of different formats. In one person, you get singer, speaker, songwriter, author and educator; voice and vocabulary, story and song. Combining these roles in one person lowers your travel related expenses.
  • Celia and her husband Ron staff their office, so you will have a close connection to event leadership. Your event will closely reflect your vision.
  • Celia brings experience leading a variety of events. She answered a call to music as a full time vocation in 1991. Whether your event is a special worship service, retreat, banquet, renewal series, praise band workshop, regional event or nationwide convention that warrants a full band for several days, Celia has probably led an event like yours. Her primary audiences are youth, women and inter-generational events.

Consider inviting Celia into your group’s story. With several years of experience leading a wide variety of events, we make it simple to include Celia. Click the contact link on the menu above and send us a note to begin a dialogue about your event.