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Music CDs for local church giveaways

Celia is excited to make music available to churches and other organizations in this new way. Basically you buy cds at a deep discount. The CDs for give away are packaged in a customizable sleeve and put your church’s message inside it. We supply the music and the sleeve. You create and print an insert with your church messages on it. We began this offer when a local church inquired about Celia recording a lullaby CD for them to give away to families with young children. There are 2 titles available in this offer Lullabies and Hymns. You can give the away the CDs of lullabies on a variety of occasions and create different inserts for each occasion:

  • for families visiting the church or nursery
  • for families anticipating a birth
  • for families anticipating an adoption
  • for births
  • for adoption
  • for baby dedications or infant baptisms (based on your tradition)
  • for children who attend a church sponsored preschool, but don’t attend the church.

Click the jukebox link and choose lullabies from the playlist to hear the recording.. The lullaby music is available on iTunes, by following this link.

The 12 songs on the recording are: (a * represents an original song by Celia)

  • Rock-a-bye – Skyler’s Song *
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • All Praise to Thee – Tallis Cannon
  • Child From Above – Grayson’s Song *
  • For the Beauty Of The Earth
  • All Night All Day
  • All Through the Night
  • Hush Little Baby
  • Most of All (re-recorded from Celia’s Book “One Wish”) *
  • Night Herding Song
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Brahms’ Lullabye

The basic terms of this arrangement are:

THESE CDS ARE NOT FOR RE-SALE. You are agreeing to give these CDs away, not to resell them. They do not necessarily need to be purchased with budgeted funds. If you have an individual who would like to underwrite this effort for the church, that arrangement is acceptable. These are priced below wholesale to make them affordable for give away. (Celia offers individual copies for retail purchase from her website, packaged with her own cd artwork.)

CD TITLES: We are offering 2 different CD titles (Lullabies and Hymns) for this pricing. You may split your order between titles and we will use the total quantity to determine pricing. You can learn more about the Hymns CD, titled “Then”, BY CLICKING HERE.


PRICING (by minimum quantity):
500 cds @ $3.00 = $1,500.00
250 cds @ $4.00 = $1,000.00
100 cds @ $5.00 = $500.00
50 cds @ $6.00 = $300.00
25 cds @ $7.50 = $187.50
10 cds @ $10.00 = $100.00
1 cd @ $15.00 = $15.00

This pricing is not available for direct purchase through the “buy” link on the left. Because of the quantities, we want to have conversations about each order for clarity. Give some thought to the title/s and quantity/ies that will meet your particular needs. (It might be helpful to think in terms of CDs per week at 50 weeks in a year. For example 500 cds would last a year if you gave away 10 cds a week, or 2 years a 5 cds a week.) To learn more or to place an order, please call 615-790-6573 or use the contact link above.

Additional Information:

Packaging details:

The CD comes in a four color 5″ x 5″ cardboard sleeve , like a vinyl record (LP) sleeve. One side of the CD sleeve includes a color image (see images #1 & #4 above). Some brief information about Celia is on the package as well.

The other side of the CD sleeve has a circular window or hole (4″ in diameter) cut out (see images #2 & #5 above). The disc appears through the window, but you can place your church’s information or a handwritten note on a card or page that slides into the sleeve in front of the CD, so that your information appears through the window. This gives you the freedom to customize the CD with your church information, but you can also give them away on several different occasions by customizing your drop in piece of literature for each different occasion.

Liner Notes:Celia sang all of the vocals, David Flint played guitar, Bryan Ward played keyboard, Nicole Witt played violin on Rockabye, Paul Nelson played cello on Grayson’s song and on Brahm’s Lullaby and the recording was engineered by David Axelrod and David Flint. The song was mixed by Brent Maher and engineered by Charles Yingling. Ken Love mastered the recording. Julie Wanca did the artwork. Celia’s photo was taken by Russ Rohrer.

Celia’s artist version of the CD is packaged a little differently. It is packaged in a 4 panel cardboard “wallet”, like her current hymns CD package. The cover includes an image taken from an oil painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The title is La Vierge aux Anges (The Virgin with Angels) painted in 1881. This painting also has a nickname, “Song of the Angels”.



(1) lullaby sleeve

(2) lullaby window

(3) lullaby disc

(4) hymns sleeve

(5) hymns window

(6) hymns disc