One Wish For You

“One Wish for You: Celebrating the Women in Our Lives”

(ISBN: 478-1426700200) February 2009

“One Wish For You”, published by Abingdon Press is a gift book for women. There are 62 beautiful color pages in hardbound cover. This collection of thoughts is based around the lyrics to Celia’s new song “One Wish For You”. The book contains lyrics, scriptures and thoughtful reflections from Celia and it contains a CD of new music. The book celebrates the women in our lives who have nurtured and led us.

The CD has five brand-new songs on it. You can select them from website playlist.

One Wish for You – is a song written as a celebration of life. As Celia’s friend Rev. Kathleen Baskin-Ball battled cancer, she and Celia spent time together talking about the things that matter. Celia sang the song at Kathleen’s memorial service.

Hope Alive in Me – Celia reflects on a number of places where she’s seen hope: * singing at a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser where the recipient of a home spoke. * singing for a group of women soon after they lost their homes to Katrina. * watching her sons play at the beach and experience the newness, joy and awe of God’s wonder. (Both the beach and mountains are a place of solace for Celia.) * walking though the unexpected loss of a close friend’s husband and watching her handle adversity with grace and faith was a testament to daily hope for which we all pray.

We Believe – Celia attended a benefit for New Orleans not long after Katrina. As a Louisiana native, Celia has had friends, family and memories that have been changed by that storm.

Most of All You Were There – Though “One Wish for You” is intended to be more than a Mothers’ Day book, it is being released in-time for the Mothers’ Day 2009 holiday. It felt right to include a song about the journey of motherhood.

Come Home – This was written for an homecoming themed event. Several people have claimed it as their favorite for a variety of reasons. It felt appropriate to close the CD with an invitation.

One Wish for You: Celebrating the Women in Our Lives, the music on Amazon on iTunes [affiliate link]

One Wish for You: Celebrating the Women in Our Lives, the book on Amazon [affiliate link]