In Plain View

“In Plain View”

Release Date: January 17, 2004

(UPC – CD 7-29494-10122-1)

In Plain View had the working title of “Now”. It was planned as a complement to “Then”, Celia’s hymns album. It was going to be a collection of contemporary worship songs. As it often does, the creative process carried us somewhere else. “In Plain View” does contain several praise and worship songs written for events Celia was part of, but we couldn’t resist adding some jewels of songs we met along the way. Unlike most of Celia’s other projects, this one started with a full band laying down the basic tracks together. The band is incredible. This is our new favorite album! The title “In Plain View” came from a lyric in the song “Only You”. The phrase talks about God knowing us though we’re hiding in plain view. The Einstein quote below was written on a piece of paper that Celia found in her dad’s wallet after his death.

Here are the song titles:

  • Look Up
  • New Jerusalem
  • I Will
  • What About Love
  • This Day
  • For You
  • We Believe *
  • Wonder of the World *
  • Because You Are
  • Loved Best of All
  • Only You
  • I Will Be Your Voice
  • Lay Your Burdens Down
  • Out of Time
  • You Remain

* written for the International Acteen Gathering, summer 2003

+ written for the National Lutheran (ELCA) Youth Gathering, summer 2003