So Far

“So Far” — Release Date: September 27, 2001
UPC – CD 7-29494-05162-5 / CS 7-29494-05164-9)

This album was birthed two months before our second son. Celia was immersed in baby land while we recorded this project. Verse three of “Life is a Church” talks about “watching our first child being born / written all over the pain and the joy / holding your hand it’s a little boy / Life is a Church.” Celia wrote or co-wrote five of the twelve songs on this recording.

Here are the song titles:

Life Is a Church
When You Are Close to Me
Everybody Wins
When All Else Fails
My Love Goes That Far
Face Of Love
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Great Love
In My Place
Seated On the Throne
What I Did for Love