Thomas Kinkade Recordings

Celia sang on “Psalm 131” a song that appeared on two different collections / CDs released by Thomas Kinkade, also known as the painter of light. The music was produced and arranged by Tom Howard, a talented musician and pianist who passed away in 2010.

“This Quiet Place” – 1998 — This collection features the music of pianist Tom Howard accompanied by spoken words from Thomas Kinkade. The music is serene and beautiful, much like Thom’s paintings.

You can listen to Psalm 131 here or follow the jukebox link.

Repackaged as a series: “Seasons: Peace and Love — “Sounds of Spring” – 2003, Celia’s song was included in this collection.

Liner Notes for both recordings:

Produced and Arranged: Tom Howard. Thomas Kinkade (spoken vocals); Bonnie Keen (vocals, background vocals); Tim Davis , Celia Whitler (vocals); Tom Howard (piano, background vocals). Audio Mixer: Jordan Richter. Recording information: Dark House Recorders; White House Recorders. Engineer Jordan Richter; Robin Crow; Sam Levine. Recording Time 46 minutes