Thomas Kinkade Recordings

Celia sang on “Psalm 131” a song that appeared on two different collections / CDs released by Thomas Kinkade, also known as the painter of light. The music was produced and arranged by Tom Howard, a talented musician and pianist who passed away in 2010.

“This Quiet Place” – 1998 — This collection features the music of pianist Tom Howard accompanied by spoken words from Thomas Kinkade. The music is serene and beautiful, much like Thom’s paintings.

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”″ width=”400″ height=”23″]You can listen to Psalm 131 here or follow the jukebox link.

Repackaged as a series: “Seasons: Peace and Love — “Sounds of Spring” – 2003, Celia’s song was included in this collection.

Liner Notes for both recordings:

Produced and Arranged: Tom Howard. Thomas Kinkade (spoken vocals); Bonnie Keen (vocals, background vocals); Tim Davis , Celia Whitler (vocals); Tom Howard (piano, background vocals). Audio Mixer: Jordan Richter. Recording information: Dark House Recorders; White House Recorders. Engineer Jordan Richter; Robin Crow; Sam Levine. Recording Time 46 minutes